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About Me

Acting as Web Developer in Amil International Medical Assistance, with eleven years of experience in developing systems and web based applications.

Recognized for quality services due to technical knowledge aimed at high performance, security and stability. With great skill in project management and leadership, supported by the technical knowledge and skills for group work and organizational methodologies.

Focused on the final quality and zero tolerance to re-work, which allowed developing techniques and methods, thus increasing productivity and quality of the projects as a whole.

Personal Information

Date of birth
August 08, 1984
São Paulo
+55 12 98866 6862


Throughout my career I had the opportunity to work with great professionals. Always learning new things and creating friendships which last until today.

March 2012 - Present date

Amil S.A. (an UnitedHealthcare Company)

PHP Developer


- Development of strategic tools to use in decision making throughout the Amil group.
- Development of prototypes for viability of operational methodologies and concepts.
- Development of rich content focused on innovation and customer experience.
- Responsible for the management of key projects for the company's strategy.
- Responsible for accounts and contracts with partner companies.


- Creation and development of standard API for integration of strategic systems throughout the Amil group.
- Recognition for technical and visual quality in projects of great commercial impact.
- Responsible for technical information on projects throughout the Amil group.

July 2010 - February 2012

Neotix Agência Interativa

Flash Developer


- Development of interactive web-sites for the largest civil construction companies in the country.
- Development of rich internet applications.
- Development of interactive interfaces such as totems, virtual maps and points of sales.
- Development of prototypes for creation of new products.


- Sole responsibility for the development of interactive interfaces for display at points of sales due to high quality in the projects performed.
- Development of methods and patterns classes to the technical efficiency of all projects.
- Insertion of new technologies for the agency, such as multi-touch, motion capture system and augmented reality.
- Responsible for checking the final quality of all projects in all areas.
- Project management.
- Management of the Adobe Flash development team.

August 2009 - June 2010

Vale Design

Flash Developer


- Creation, definition and development of games for children.
- Development of a tool for control and share games with retention of profits by advertisements.
- Creation and development of social network for gamers.


- Project management.
- Management of the game development team.
- Recognition for technical quality and creativity.
- Management of social network aimed at children, ensuring the loyalty of the user with the portal.



Flash Developer


- Completion of a 2D rendering system based on vetorial virtual environments.


- Development of techniques for simulating realistic vector based objects.
- Development of tools for loading large amounts of information without compromising on the hardware.
- Restructuring and development of this project in just four months (it was two years late).

March 2007 - December 2008


Flash Developer


- Development of applications to control rich content.
- Application Development for e-Learning.
- Development of multimedia players for on-demand videos.
- Development of educational games.


- Responsible for developing e-Learning for large companies such as Natura, Coca-Cola and Souza Cruz.
- Creation and development of training games for the Silvio Santos Group.
- Creation and development of multimedia players for the major portals of adult content in the world.
- Project management.
- Development of advanced real life simulation.
- Creation and development of interface to control Flash content, allowing full access to the disk and the operating system.

Janeiro 2006 - Fevereiro 2007


Web Developer


- Development o CRM systems in PHP.
- Development of Flash sites.
- Development of online tools.


- Development of back-end system for content management (CRM).
- Creation and development of tools to online support.
- Creation and development of online communicators.
- Development of social network aimed at young audiences.
- Project management.
- Management and training of the development team.

Março 2005 - Setembro 2005

EMBRAER - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica S.A.

Flash Developer


- Development of electronic manuals for pilots and aircraft mechanics to military project.


- Recognition for quality in advanced vectorization, and Flash animation.
- Recognition by creating patterns of animations and visual effects.
- Recognition in working with sensitive content (confidential).

What I do

Even if my work never appear (without errors under the hood), I seek perfection. Clean code, simple and direct comments. Safety and performance first. The details matter, 1 pixel is a big difference.


Advanced systems for control of content and information.


APIs for cross-media integration.


Interactive and adapted interfaces for mobile devices.

Project management

Management and monitoring of all steps in a technological project.

People management

Management of professionals in technology.

External contracts

Procurement, maintenance and integration of external suppliers.


Explore my most recent projects.

  • One Health (Amil Group)

    Online Magazine

    HTML5, CSS3, jQuery

    Project Management
    Desenvolvimento Front-end
    Interface para tablets

    Medicina do Futuro

    Ensuring the company's innovation, a study was conducted to trends of the next 25 years in the field of medicine.

    An info-graphic, which became a huge success was generated.

    The next step was to turn all static data into an interfacing interface with distinc navigation model and main access for tablets, but guaranteed access to the user experience for all users.

    • Multiple browsers: same experience.
    • Distinct Navigation.
    • Ease insertion of new content.

    • Development of rendering techniques at various screen resolutions.
    • Development of interfaces adapted for portable devices.
    • Recognition for final quality.
    • Recognition for stability and browsing experience.

  • Amil Group

    Digital History


    Project Management
    API Development
    Back-end Development


    Throughout its existence the Amil Group has numerous projects that ensured market leadership.

    And to continue to lead a digital history system was created for all digital company's content, thus ensuring an easy system to organic search, monitoring the progress of projects and cloud backup.

    • Develop a system with high security.
    • Develop a system of high performance due to large amounts of data: 1TB per month.
    • Develop a system of organic search and co-relationship.

    • Concept, creation and development of custom API.
    • Definition and development of multi-level security tools.
    • improvement of access to the database: every request in less than 0.01 seconds.
    • Stability lets user send files up to 10GB by multiple users.
    • All access rules, usage, permissions and file operations handled by the back-end, thus ensuring the security of the system.
    • Custom API prepared to handle data with any interface.
    • Management of external vendor responsible for Front-end development.


Even with so much experience there is a lot to learn! Every project, every client brings a new challenge, a new opportunity to evolve more and more.

For Work

Back-end (PHP)
User Interfaces
Project Management

For Life


List of Skills

PHP5 MySQL MSSQL JSON XML SCRUM HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery jQuery Mobile jQuery UI ActionScript 3 Bootstrap Email Marketing
PHP Cake PHP Zend
Facebook Twitter oAuth 2.0 Exacttarget Systems
Adobe Photoshop Adobe Flash Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Audition Adobe Encore Adobe Lightroom Apple Aperture Apple Final Cut Pro X
GitHub BitBucket SVN



E.E. Prof. Dorothóveo Gaspar Vianna

Jacareí, SP.

Secondary - 3rd School graduate.

Complete formation with emphasis on extracurricular activities.

  • Player of male volleyball team - 1996/1997.
  • Runner-up at City Physics Olympiad - 1999.
  • Actor of cultural theater group - 1998/2000.
  • Member of the creation of student-body - 2000.
  • Student-body treasurer - 2000/2001.

Social Media

The importance of social networking is not just surrounding the digital inclusion, but the big change of global market.

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